OTS: Schoolhouse Rock Vol. 1 (School 09.04.2016)


LiveBeijingMusic got down and dirty earlier this month at School Bar for our first volume of Schoolhouse Rock – a new series that we’ll be doing every few months. Volume one brought out some interesting bands and sounds, including Baxian Chophouse, who since I last caught them at Temple last year (under the name Sleep Paralysis) have tightened their grip with their grunge-tinted, indie rock flavors. Also on the bill were Streets Kill Strange Animals, a band I’ve been infatuated with since their D-22 days, and who are prepping to hit the studio again this spring for their sophomore release – if you want to get a taste of that then I’d recommend heading over to Loreli where they have a recording of the second half of the band’s set along with an interview. I have to mention hardcore ruffians Laisee, who are proving to be one of the cities most infectiously fun bands out there – whose fast and loose, jocular, no holds barrel hardcore sound is elevated by the simple fact that the band looks like they are having the absolute time of their life – charisma in loads. And finally, we had the honor to have indie rock outfit Dreamki, from Handan, partake in the event, and from the sound of it, they were a hit with listeners. Tight, energetic, and walking the thin line between power pop and post punk – there’s something swell brewing in these boys’ sound.

Not soon after the night, the band was tapped to perform at Europe Music Day on May 14th at Mako Livehouse – good news indeed. Thanks to all who came out and supported the event. Drop down below for more pictures and videos.























































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