OTS: Russian Roulette, Brickleberry, ShengJiao (School Bar 17.08.2016)


Every year there comes a point where you just gotta get out of your comfort zone and scope out some of the new talent in town. It’s too easy to indulge in checking out bands you know and love, and go for the safe option. And weekdays at School is ground zero for the bulging amount of new bands making the rounds and cutting their teeth. At this particular ‘School New Sounds’ volume, we checked out the eccentric, upbeat indie flavorings of Brickleberry, the amused and eager hardcore of ShengJiao (ed’s note: after some research I’m almost convinced that this was not indeed ShengJiao as advertised on the poster so if you have any more concrete evidence out there let me know) and the scrappy, playful punk antics of Russian Roulette.

While still rough around the edges, there was something exhilarating about watching these bands give it their all, and more importantly watch the audience actively lap it up and equal the bands’ enthusiasm. It’s clear they haven’t been jaded or neutered yet by the music scene and there’s beauty in that. More pictures below.

Ed Note 2: Russian Roulette\’s take on \’Ol McDonold had a farm\’ has been deleted numerous times from my youku account so you can only watch it on Youtube…Congrats Russian Roulette – you have ruffled the feathers 





























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