OTS: Raying Psychedelic Coalition, WHAI, Earsnail, Out of Bound 2 (DDC 13.12.2015)


There’s something beautiful about a group of whacked out characters on stage jamming with the utmost intent to shock, deliver, and surprise themselves just as much as the audience. Too often there’s intent to deconstruct and push across the musical forms – so much that it loses all earnestness. And then there are bands who are some harmonious in tune with each others\’ schizoid world of sound, that they bleed into one another. That’s where the Raying Psychedelic Coalition comes in – a cesspool of the once lauded Raying Temple – whose current lineup included Li Yangyang on guitar, Xing Jiangbo (aka iimmune) on bass, Kouzuli on drums, and Sheng Di on vocals/synth. And what a glorious freakshow it was.

It’s not often the cops get called to shut down a party, but this was one of the times. The evening at DDC included some equally alluring and psychedelic-tinged sets from the always dependable (though that’s starting to sound like a dig in my head) WHAI whose bassist has a thing for using her bass upstair down for certain songs, Earsnail, the newest (and from the looks of it) constantly evolving duo of White +’s Wang Xu and Da Bang’s Yan Shuai (who the third guy was is beyond me) and Out of Bound 2 – which essentially was SUBS’ Kang Mao joining forces with Noise Arcade aka Michael Cupoli. Strange times indeed – let’s keep em coming! More pictures and videos below.




































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