OTS: Parachutes of Fire, Wang Shengnan, The Blue Moon, The Forbidden Zone (DDC 28.05.2016)


The last gig I attended before my sabbatical back West, the evening doubled as a farewell to a dear couple from Shanghai, Adam and Ivy, who were the first people to ever give me a proper Shanghai experience. So yeah – drinks were flowing and memories were blurred as an eclectic lineup unfolded at DDC including visiting Shanghai alt folk outfit Parachutes on Fire, made up of the remnants of some of that city’s most well known bands (The Horde, Friend or Foe) who provided ample, jamtastic, rock and roll made with care and the support of flip-flops.

Love the progression of the song, and the psychedelic grooves that slowly emerge. The evening also saw the likes of indie pop songstress Wang Shengnan, who’s impressing more and more, The Blue Moon, who’s supple synth-heavy song deserves more love, and The Forbidden Zone, whose shifting and rotating cast of characters surprised and delighted me. Check out more pictures below.








































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