OTS: Moonface (Yugogn Yishan 17.09.2014)


When I first moved to Beijing I found myself infatuated with Dragonslayer, the album from Sunset Rubdown – headed by ex-Wolf Parade member Spencer Kruger (a fact that I didn’t even bother knowing at the time). Obsessed would be more appropriate – something about Kruger’s lyrics always struck me. The way they held such gravitas without being grand, epic without being irrelevant – it was a thin line but he walked it magnificently. So when I started digging in Kruger’s solo project – with just him and a piano – I was there. And thankfully, Split Works somehow is able to intercept my needs and wants, and viola, here we have Moonface serenading us at Yugong Yishan.

Chills I tell you, chills. You freaks and geeks over at Split Works – you know me. Keep bringing the goods. Check out some more videos and pictures below.



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