OTS: Metz, Future Orients (Mao 20.02.2016)


Now that’s how you dip back into the hustle and bustle of post-Chinese New Year Beijing. After a week and plus of a stagnant capital devoid of music, there’s no better way to relapse than with a wallop of noise rock that leaves your ears buzzing. Gritty, crunchy, and abrasive glory courtesy of Canadian trio Metz, who were in town courtesy of Split Works. Courtesy to openers Future Orients, formerly The Eat, who are proving themselves to be one of the freshest, most visceral acts in town. Here’s their closer…

Potential they have, these young men. Excited to see what they bring to the table in the near future (their debut is expected out later this year) as well as Split Works, who despite taking a year off from the JUE Festival, have quite the roster this season. More pictures and videos below.




















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