OTS: Low Wormwood (XP 12.02.2014)


Been slacking it pretty hard on these videos here – I blame the month of February for trying to cram in as many birthdays as possible – seriously, is being an Aquarius a requirement when coming abroad? Anywho, stay tune for some more videos (as well as another MV) and feast your ears are my last ditch effort to cover the Low Wormwood show last week at XP, which started earlier than expected and was packed wall to wall with rabid fans who I dared not disturb. It was a love affair and judging by the number of people singing along, Low Wormwood have indeed stuck a chord with the Chinese youth that’s goes beyond sheer musicianship. Here’s their encore, filtered through about fifty people.

Low Wormwood – 苦艾酒 (LIVE) 2.12.2014 by Livebeijingmusic on Mixcloud

The urban folk outfit have been on a streak since the release of their latest socially-aware folk opus, with last weeks show being their last before the band caught a flight to Europe for a tour. Thanks to Live Music Night for the photos – check out more below. Best of luck boys!




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