OTS: Ice Moon, Chaos Kills The Pain, Jajatone (Temple 09.07.2015)


After a more subdued joint last the month before, I decided to crank up the volume for the sixth Gulou Double Decker bringing in some fresh hardcore kicks in the form of Ice Moon and Chaos Kills The Pain, holding down the fort with their aggressive riffs, ferocious vocals and cathartic melodies. Beijing Hardcore lives on! On top of that we welcomed to the stage one of this years most promising bands, grunge revisionists Jajatone, who add some a very interesting spice to their numbers.

Holy smokes! Young blood indeed. Actually failed in getting home a couple of those high schooler instrumentalists in time to their private schools , which resulted in some very angry mothers. Hopefully they get a chance to see what a storm they were stirring up earlier.















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