OTS: Hua Zhou (Yugong Yishan 16.01.2015)


Douban has for years, been my number one source for discovering new talent. And while, it may take a bit of time getting use to (re: your chinese stinks), there’s no equal in the field. It’s where bands go to share their music, pictures, and videos and more importantly it’s where fans go to share that love. So it comes as no surprise that China’s most original social network is steeping into the fray for producing and distributing original content as well, as a bonafide label. One of the first artists they’ll bring under their wing is 90s generation folk singer Hua Zhou, whose unique, foul mouthed yet oh so sweet, brand of folk music has generated quite the fanbase.

There’s a bare honesty and modesty to her songs that’s all too rare in folk music nowadays, and if the packed to the brim Yugong Yishan was any indication, it’s looking like 2015 will be very generous to Urumqi born singer. These college kids were ecstatic, hell even animalistic in their desire to catch the rising star perform. Did I mention Yang Haisong is in the midst of producing her next? Not too shabby. Check out more picture and videos below from Hua Zhou, as well as a peek at folk singer Zhang Yide.























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