OTS: Hot & Cold (07.01.2014)


Hot & Cold are held pretty high around these parts – the globe-trotting Canadian brohemian duo were one of D-22’s much-admired acts, whose synth-bass noise rock gave way, to what many believe, to influencing a whole generation of eager rockers at the Wudaoku safe haven. So it was only appropriate to check the duo plug back in this month – a quick stopover in their old stomping grounds – perhaps – but worth the trip to XP no doubt.

Oh yeah, I’m can definitely get down with this – vibrant synth funkiness that never loses sense of getting its bop on.  Check below for more.

Energetic without making a racket, potent without ever veering too far Hot & Cold infuse their music nevertheless with foot tapping suave. It’s really the best of both worlds – experimental enough to fit in with the noise freaks, not accessible enough to rock out a packed venue.

These two were certainly onto something – and it’s clear as day the impact they’ve made of the scene.Though, playing with your brother must suck big time.

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