OTS: Horse Radio (DDC 30.08.2014)


After getting a taste of the inner Mongolian trope, Horse Radio, last year when they were still called Taan Towch, the five-piece band has slowly been rising through the ranks to become out of the genres essential acts. And while they may lack the rock star appeal of Hanggai or the contemporary edge of Ajinai, there\’s no denying the talent on display here. This is sweeping music, made with the utmost care – the Oirat folk music (that’s western Mongolia) flourishes with touches of reggae and rock and is injected with genuine passion and warmth. Simply put, impossible to resist. A few weeks back I swung by DDC (which continues impressing me) and catch the band rallying up audiences.

Are they the next big thing? Time will tell – but when you\’re headlining your own shows next to Nine Treasures and Hanggai, then it’s time to give your attention. Check out more of the band in action below.

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