OTS: Gulou Double Decker Vol. 9 (12.11.2015)


It\’s strange to think that this was indeed the last Gulou Double Decker. No ticker tape parade. No blowout. Just our usual righteous showcase of bands deserving of the spotlight. Simply put, it was a honor shedding light on a host of up and comers, dip into Dada for a spell of electronica, and rock out with a very supporting group of folks. For our last hoedown, we were graced by the presence of The Twenties, who surely are a band to be watching come 2016. Melodic and catchy as all hell, with the chops to back it up, the band is the real deal. Don\’t let their laid back aura throw you off cause these cats will sneak up right on you and knock ya right off your feet.

Not a bad way to go out. Props to Mr. Feola for taking on Thursdays night once a month with me for the last year. Check out more pictures below from The Twenties as well as the new project from ex-DiD synths hard-ons The Blue Moon and scruffy pop punk trio Redundant Seconds, a last minute replacement to the lineup. Keep an eye on LBM for our next (weekend) showcase at Temple.























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