OTS: Guiguisuisui (DDC 19.09.2015)


It’s been quite interesting seeing the progression of Guiguisuisui over the past couple years. What once started as one-man punk blues showcase slowly morphed into a sinister crazed skateboard wielding madman with a heavy dose of 8-bit gangsta attitude on the side. There’s no slowing down the man — whatever he picks up along the way is more often than not utilized to its utmost effect in the next incarnation of the artist. It’s this forward way of thinking which keeps Guiguisuisui such an unpredictably entertaining artist, so that even when he misses the mark time to time, there’s progression through and through. The latest version of Guiguisuisui, splits the alter ego into literally two. Guigui and Suisui. I’m not gonna bother to decipher the meaning or logic as to what traits each alias holds, but I’m starting to dig this happily twisted couple.

Check out more pictures below from the DDC and be sure to grab Guiguisuisui’s debut — it’s pretty rad.






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