OTS: Gate to Otherside, Fake Weed (22.01.2015)


The Gulou Double Decker – the latest distraction from your mundane lives. A clusterfuck of sounds and vibes that LBM and pangbianr are gonna be bringing forth each and every month. Our first outing at Temple and Dada saw a host of intriguing acts below deck including Noise Arcade and Fratricide. But as per my duties I was front and center in the tornado that was materializing upstairs, where mathcore punk duo Fake Weed, powered through bawls of rage and time signatures like it was no one’s business, and boisterous psych indie trio Gate to Otherside tore into a brash, frantically fun set, including this little ditty which manages to turn into slasher flick by the three minute mark.

Wild indeed. Check out more vids and pics below including some choice cuts from Fake Weed getting all sorts of gnarly. And the ‘official’ Gulou Double Decker commences March 12th – so keep your eyes peeled on that one – let’s just say we’re going bigger this time round.




































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