OTS: Elenore, Hotline, The Peppercorns (School 07.17.2016)


Live Beijing Music and Nasty Wizard Recordings descended upon School Bar in mid-July for the Retro-Future Music Festival, hosted by Cold Neo and Loreli, which saw labels, bands, and other misfits involved with the scene here in Beijing, doing what they do best (i.e. worst) – slinging music like it was their part-time job. And while customers were far in between, the folks that were present – we\’re cut from the same cloth – and spending a Sunday afternoon with peeps who were just as hangover as you (and very well the cause for said hangover) – well, it ain\’t too bad. Better yet, we were treated to some of the latest bands to perk my interest this past year, including the electro punk stylings of Hotline, who are slowly coming into their own and finding their footing more and more by surprisingly dialing it back and letting the music do the talking. Also on hand were The Peppercorns – whose prog rock vibes and theremin infused soundscapes were very much welcomed. Most on point though were Elenore, the britpop trio whose stripped down, melodic, and rough necking indie rock hit the sweet spot.

These three aren\’t messing around – just straight up indie rock that ignites. Keep an eye out for the next edition of the market and festival sometime in September and for the recordings from this event to pop up online in the near future. Oh – and more pictures and videos below.






















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