OTS: Comp Collider, Endless Square (School 02.05.2016)


After spending the afternoon with the freaks and geeks at fRUITYSPACE I headed over to School Bar to hang out with, well, the freaks and geeks. What can I say? My kind of people. The low-key event hosted two up and coming expat outfits who don’t fit so easy into any category, and are all the better for it. There’s the twine and lo-fi grunge shuffle of Endless Square, whose irreverent, ramshackle indie rock reminds me of the best of 90s alt rock – potential they is. On the other end, there’s the down and dirty krautrock of Comp Collider, whose rousing, free flowing guitar and drums ratcheting is too easy to get sucked into.

Dig in below to check out more pictures of the two bands making the most of it.















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