OTS: Birdstriking, thruoutin, Little Punk (XP 07.12.2013)


A short film release featuring some of the city’s best underground acts ‘acting’, a dude wearing a giant wool hat made by his significant other, a miniature plate carried around exclusively for breaking up ganja on, some guy playing the pipa ‘incorrectly’ – no wonder why someone claimed this was the most hipster event he’d attended since coming to Beijing. If that’s the case, then loud and proud hipsters we are. This was Beijing at its most communal – synergy, man, synergy. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Did I mention that tonight at XP marked the triumphant return of indie noise rockers Birdstriking!

Yes, Maybe Mars most promising band is back in the business of kicking ass and taking names. And I couldn’t be happier. Check out more below, including treats from Little Punk and thruoutin.


Little Punk, aka Pei Pei, the star of the recently awarded short film Iceberg directed by Maya Rudolph, knows how to inject a song with a sardonic, bittersweet rawness that simply works wonders. And while I was unable to get any actually filming in – my recorder was able to capture one tune.

‘Fuck all you can and fuck the rest’ – that’s a weekend anthem if I ever heard one. Props to Morgan too – dude knows how to wear a hat.


Try resisting not filming thruoutin, but after hearing what was slowly turning into one of Brad’s best sets from XP’s side entrance I had to filter my way back in. Just a taste.

Geez, XP’s air conditioning sounds like it’s trying to get in on the action too.


Alas, this was Birdstriking’s night of glory, as the band are back together (forever) and were eager as ever to show that they haven’t lost a beat since last time. In fact, I’d say they sounded feistier than ever – perhaps not as gloriously reckless but refined and heavier. Determined. Whatever, the case, it’s great to have one of my favorite bands back in stride (Hint: they play tonight at Yugong Yishan)

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