OTS: Beijing Drunk Fest 2 (DMC 6.6.2015)


Earlier in June, Dr. Smartass, aka Cool Ghoul, aka Shanzhai Laowai, continued his reign of terror over at DMC with the return of the Beijing Drunk Fest – an all day punk showcase which gave us music lovers ten bands over ten hours, with enough cheap beer and rock and roll comradery to keep  our brains functioning. The kind of event, which DMC’s stripped down, offshore, junkyard charm lives for and one that once you’re there, it’s just a music love fest through and through.

And what a nice diverse lineup too, with a bit of something for everyone. From the tweaked out mathy punk of Fake Weed, to the shit-eating grin charisma of Chinese Modern Guys, the poppy punch of Maoxuewang, the female-powered chords of Free Sex Shop, the politically tinged theatrics of the Bastards of Imperialism, the sweet drunken serenades of the Bedstars, as well as Guiguisuisui, Diseased Fruit, Harbin’s Cut Frenzy who impressed the hell out of us Beijingers, The Flyx, who are probably the most refined of the bunch, it was a nice eclectic collection of punk. Just embrace it kids. Check out more pictures and videos below.









































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