OTS: Autumn Harvest Fest (DDC 04.09.2016)


Nothing like a diverse lineup to get those juices flowing. I’m been on a sugar high as of late scouring the city (and beyond) for the next big thing. Or at least some ear nuggets to occupy my overcrowded membrane. And fresh nugs I did find at Live Beijing Music’s latest seasonal showcase at DDC – the Autumn Harvest Festival. And I’m guaranteeing we’ll be hearing a lot more from these cats in the near future.

Now that’s my jam. One of the best new bands I’ve heard this year –believe me, the psych indie rockers Last Goodbye will be getting their dues soon enough. And if that wasn’t enough, I was finally able to book Shijiazhuang post rock outfit Spin Axis and am I ever glad. Simply epic cascades of melodies that build and build – top of their class. Math rock pile drivers Rhonda continue dominating most instrumental bands in town by effortlessly bringing grit and slick musicianship to the genre. Grunge revisionists JaJaTao (whose singer had came from the other side of the world) are building quite the trope – I’d imagine by next year it’ll be a full-blown cult. It’s shamanism that’ll rock your socks off. And finally, anti-establishment punk legends Gum Bleed returned to educate the punks on how it’s done right. Sentiment, guts, and glory. It was indeed a killer evening of sounds – I can only imagine what winter will bring.

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