OTS: Alpine Decline (XP 18.01.2014)


All caught up now folks – the last show my camera and I attended before the Year of the Horse came rocking on everyone’s’ door like it was no ones’ business was Alpine Decline over at XP – a band who caught my eye the year before and between the husband-wife lo-fi dystopian rock becoming parents and releasing a stellar album have been busy bees behind the scenes. Well, looks like fuzzy mad max rockers are back and ready to take back the stage.

And really after witnessing the circus and psychotic outburst of disposable goods with our very own techo viking leading us through the smoke filled streets of Beijing (yup, one of those nights) there’s no better time to relish in that good old fashion dystopian fuzz.  Happy Chinese New Years! Check below for more vids, including new cuts from the duo’s latest release.

What’s most notable is how focused the band’s sound is becoming – it’s precise in its ability to create this smokescreen of paranoid smog-filled rock and roll that’s feels at once familiar and alien.

And best yet, it’s filtered through the lens of living and breathing in the city we’ve all come to love/hate, capturing the essence and surreal atmosphere – a not too common feat.

Check out the band’s latest release streaming over here and expect the band to return from an Australian tour soon enough looking to spill new blood.

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