OTS: Alpine Decline, Boiled Hippo (XP 17.06.2015)


While I managed to swing by XP on its last weekend whoorah (goofy times), this here will be my last XP post foreverr aka the last time my camera made it out there. And what a teaser it was – cause the ever enigmatic buzz fuzz rock duo Alpine Decline has upgraded their outfit to a full fledged trio with none other than PK14 mastermind Yang Haisong on bass. Ridiculously awesome indeed – just goes to show, the band, who\’s been upping their game ever since setting foot in Beijing, to ready to take their sound even further on their next release.

If that wasn\’t enough, audiences were treated by one of this year\’s most promising bands, Boiled Hippo (formerly Color of Vanity) whose shoegaze infused rock me and sock em style left many of my fellow cohorts dazed and eager for more. Did I mention I put these guys on the next Gulou Double Decker? Expect big things out of these kids.




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