OTS: Ajinai, The Randy Abel Stable (06.04.2014)


Whoa – almost forgot about this bad boy – while I didn’t make it to much of the Sound of the Xity festival back in early April I did stay up one late one Sunday evening to catch for the first time, Beijing-based Mongolian trope Ajinai and boy was it a doozy. The band has carved out quite a collection of lush material since their formation in 2009, with a focus more on creating a new dialogue using their background (and an endless array of instruments) instead of having it keep them rooted in tradition. It’s this mix of contemporary and traditional, of looking backwards whilst looking forward which has garnered the group quite the reputation. And as evident below – they rocked Temple.

Ajinai 阿基耐 – \’奔布赖\’ (Temple Bar, Beijing 06.04.2014)

Can’t wait to check these boys out again. Take a look below for more videos including a set from the always reliable Randy Abel Stable. And again, sorry for the lack of youku – maybe it’s time to get into this kickstarting nonsense.


Nothing like a little bluegrass to jump-start an admittedly late evening — like seriously, these cats didn’t even take the stage till midnight. But alas, for the boozy-eyed patrons, it made no difference. The Randy Abel Stable were looking to us loose.

The Randy Abel Stable – Tout Va Bien (TMP 04.04.2014)

And while bluegrass may not be everyone’s cup of bourbon, when the mood strikes, there’s no denying the talent behind this motley crew.


However, this was Ajinai’s evening early morning to shine and they left nothing on the table. I wasn’t really sure what to expect – I mean, I had just come from Hanggai two days earlier – how could this possibly top that. Well, folks, by keeping things grounded.

Ajinai 阿基耐 (Temple Bar, Beijing 06.04.2014)

While Hanggai are simply rock stars decked out in Mongolian robes (which is awesome on its own level), Ajinai feels like the real thing – there’s an airiness to their musicianship that’s feels lived-in, tethered to the grasslands, and rich.

Ajinai 阿基耐 (Temple Bar, Beijing 06.04.2014)

It’s robust, never overtly dramatic, yet filled to the brim with passion and lush melodies. And these guys look like they’ve been together on stage for years. Baller status indeed.

Ajinai 阿基耐 (Temple Bar, Beijing 06.04.2014)

Kudos to Sound of the Xity – expect an interview from the band in the near future.

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