On The Scene: Yugong Yishan 24-02-2013


Now this is how you end Chinese New Year – with fireworks blasting away outside, Yugong Yishan had fireworks of their own – with Re-Tros and Pet Conspiracy paving the way for the Year of the Snake with an spirited, eye-catching, adrenaline rush of a show proving again that these two are two of the finest show-stoppers in town. Don’t believe me – then a raise you a ‘Viva Murder’

Any chance to plug that song people. Any chance. Read below for more two-camera video mayhem.


Re-Tros are of another ilk at this point – a leader of the Beijing music scene for the past decade, they are as much a staple of the sound to come out of that era as they are removed. They’re musicians first and foremost, and this fact is never clearer as when they’re onstage.

Their sound, their performances are crystal-tight at this point – the way Hua Dong body squirms and contorts with the beat; the way Liu Min carries the melody with post-punk ferocity – there rarely is a false step.

Unlike most bands where precision quickly turns to boredom, with Re-Tros, it’s like watching a world-renowned circus act. And the little tastes they gave of their new work – love it.

They’re honing in something worthy of note and I’m guessing by the end of summer Re-Tros can going to take this scene for yet another spin.


Speaking of circus acts, Pet Conspiracy know what the audience want. They are the Michael Bays of the music world – the bands who take it up to eleven on the volume every time out.

Some of it’s tacky, some of its in poor taste, some it is straight up confounding. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t grinning like an adolescent kid throughout their entire set. They go BIG, and I love the son of bitches for it. Nothing goes to waste – costumes, props, lights, galactic sounds, makeup sessions between all sexes, and sunglasses.

You can’t make this shit up – and to boot, they have some irresistibly tasty beats, old and new, from “LSD” to “Noise From The Future”, there are masters of hitting those party frequencies.


Beats that worm their way into your brain and make you dance like you’re in some futuristic dancehall. Pet Conspiracy are here to stay boys and girls, get on the train already and enjoy the show.

Fireworks indeed. Eat your heart out Katy Perry. Click here for Re-Tros\’s \”TV Show (Hang The Police) and \”Lonely Star\” from Pet Conspiracy.

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