On The Scene: Yugong Yishan 21-09-2012


While the Golden Week continues to test my limits – Xinjiang food three days straight, hardcore festivals, going to Haze for my first time – it’s time to catch up on some shows from September. Yugong Yishan turned 8 last weekend and in typical fashion they threw a bash some of the town’s most consistent acts. The sets were short around thirty minutes each for some reason, perhaps to give more rooms to the DJs, who had the plight of rallying up audiences who were clearly there for some bonafide music. But alas, good times were had with Exit A, Carsick Cars, Re-TROS, and Pet Conspiracy.


Exit A came on first – haven’t seen these guys before, and to be honest I was turned off immediately. My friend actually looked to be digging them but he’s got no taste. So there’s that.

When you have to rely this much on a background track, cranked up to this volume – there’s got to be something lacking from your act. It all just seems so obnoxious – obnoxious enough to make me wanna buy more baijiu.


Carsick Cars worked wonders up on stage tonight. I’m still am a fine believer that there are getting better, tighter, then ever before.

Of course when you’ve been playing these songs for some many years you’re bound to knock them outta the park each and every time. But seriously, for a band I was ready to write off two years ago, Carsick Cars has been firing on all cylinders this year.

And if their new material shows as much promise as it has, well, there’s gonna be a whole more new Cars fans next year.


Speaking of honing in their skills, Re-TROS has been keeping busy and its showing. I really love the shit outta of these three. There’s something so strange and devilish about their music while still being able to maintain a dance ready beat and tone.

Hua Dong and Liu Min are a presence on stage to be reckon with – it’s total commitment up there. So when they jam out for twelve minutes with voice modifiers, loops galore, you really have to take them at face value.

I’m not sure if this is where I want their music to be heading, but the fact that they are trying something different only gives me hope. In Re-TROS we trust.


Pet Conspiracy know how to have fun – plain and simple. Can it be trashy – yeah for sure, in a way that only European electro rock can be. A little obnoxious – a tad. A bit superficial – disappearing before your very ears. OK, I’m pushing it a bit far. But a good time – you’d better believe it.

They’re a hard-working, bunch of electro-punks who keep things moving at breakneck speed throughout their set, a circus of sorts that keeps one engaged – not unlike dangling my keys above my cats’ head. Now what I didn’t expect was this little ditty – this is a sound I can get behind.

A minimalist disco-concerned sexy single, that’s the exact opposite of a lot of Pet’s convoluted efforts. With EDO straight up being a baller on drums, cause anyone who stands and drums is fucking ace in my book, and Huzi getting at it on the soundboard, this was the song that won me over tonight. If this is anything like the rest of their new album due out in few weeks time then I’m definitely going to have to check it out. And thou the music snob in me tells me I shouldn’t give Pet Conspiracy as much credit as I do, I just can’t find it in me to rail on them, especially when they show me such a good time.

Check below for more videos from Carsick Cars and Re-TROS – and happy 8th Yugong Yishan, you conveniently located son of a bitch you.

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