On The Scene: Yugong Yishan 19-10-2012


Well that was unexpected to say the least. Last time I saw Pet Conspiracy I wasn’t exactly blown away by them – they showed me a good time for sure, but like bubblegum that good taste didn’t last long. Boy was I wrong to underestimate this foursome. Going solo with their latest EP, Noise From The Future, they own Yugong Yishan tonight and put on a show to remind me of how why I keep coming back for more.


When Pet Conspiracy have control of all the elements around them, it’s amazing what they can pull off. From set design, to VJ effects, to costumes – it all integrates into a blast of neon-spiked acid to the membrane. But really none of that would matter if the music didn’t cut it. Let’s just say there’s enough teeth in their tunes to keep you the k hole for hours on end.

But really this was about them strutting their new material, and frankly, it’s a mature step forward for them – gone is the bombardment of electronica and punk rage from their last album – this is a crisp, sleek, fluid piece of electro-rock that indeed takes a lot of cues from sci-fi and space rock. In many ways, this is a restrained (relatively) Pet – more economical in their approach and dynamic and better all for it – from the boys only opener “Noise from the Future” and “Don’t Panic” to the below “Into The Light” –

What’s more impressive is how it showcases the talents of each and every member – Huzi gets to show off his smooth dance-inducing beats, Edo gets to stand up and dance in motion with the beat he’s creating, Mary gets to her own chance to shine in “Lonely Star”, a Blade Runner-esque number that’s packed with steely emotion.


But shockingly it’s Fiona who looks to have finally come into her own. Whether in English or Chinese, she’s more comfortable in her voice, wielding it with brute, fiery, sexy confident. Just check out “Dio” –

Snappy indeed. An infused blend of a musical, burlesque number, and Chinese opera – it’s a gleeful like piece of quirk that only Pet could come up with.


So yes, Pet Conspiracy shook my expectations once again – and that’s all I could ask for from these four. Grab their latest Noise From The Future and get in on the fun. Here’s one last shot of ‘what the fuck’ from the band.

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