On The Scene: Yugong Yishan 19-07-2013


Nothing like a grab bag of metal over at Yugong Yishan. I still firmly believe metal shows are the most exhausting shows to attend, even more so if you’re not in the center of the pit. Not sure how that works – jealously, regret, fear, retinal overload – beats me. Luckily, hangbanger #733 next to me was creating the perfect air vortex with his colossal  dreads – a human fan if you will. Thank you good sir. You’re a hero amongst men. And while I didn’t stick around for all nine friggin bands, because there is only so much water (and liquor) my body can hold before it shrivels up and I start to look like Johnny Depp in any post-2000\’ Tim Burton film, I did get to catch four acts I had been eager to see – Ego Fall, Twisted Machine, Nuclear Fusion G, and A.J.K.

And they did not disappoint. A little bit of something for everyone – metalcore, industrial, goth – all ripping it up in style over at the oven that Yugong Yishan is slowly becoming. Check below for more vids and pics.


Been meaning to catch Ego Fall for some time – inner Mongolian infused metalcore – yes please.

I was surprised at how well the elements bleed into one another – the screamo back-up vocals, the uptempo Mongolian folk backing tracks, there are a lot of ingredients up there but I’ll be damned, it works.

The audience ate it up – are a scale of minimal sweat stains to full on drenched head to toe – these guys made sure my ticket snub located in my front shirt pocket disintegrated into a spitball.


By the time I mustered up the courage to head back into the lions’ den it was time to bring out the big guns – Twisted Machine, who brought their infectious brand of nu metal and hardcore to the joint.

Though at times it felt like their sound was too much for Yugong Yishan to handle – with the melody getting lost amongst all the noise a few times – there is no denying the stage presence TM bring. Liang Lang is a beast of a singer – brash, sharp, and robust – it\’s not often you see a frontman with such prowess, that audiences can see what along side the man. Respect.


Well I knew what I was getting into with the previous bands – I had no idea what to expect with Nuclear Fusion G. And boy, what a sound these guys have. Industrial metal with a wicked electronic mischievous streak.

It’s evil, innovative, and loads of fun. You’ve never quite sure where they’re going with it – Li Ziwei tweaks his voice like a kid who just discovered autotone, the electronic flourishes are all over the place (gotta give a special shout out to that cricket sci-fi sound – love it), and their stage presence is eye-brow raising at best – just look at that guitarists’ swagger. One thing is for sure – these guys have my attention – would love to see these guys play at Lantern or something.



My last dance for the evening – and the perfect cap to a long night – was goth industrial metal show-stoppers A.J.K – who are like comfort food to me at this point. Their entire demeanor and attitude – ‘give the audience what they want’ – is apparent in every song.

They’re having a great time and they’re gonna make sure you are too. Entertainers, through and through. It definitely helps that these are seriously catchy tunes – heavy, ecstatic, and fuunnn.

And though the place was emptying out slowly – like I said, nine friggin bands –A.J.K put a smile on this guys’ face. There’s something sweet about a metal band that seems be in on the fun – never taking themselves too seriously. 


Cheers to the fans (and of course headbanger #733) and bands for throwing a heck of a show – metal fans are probably the best fans out there and really, that’s half the battle.

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