On The Scene: Yugong Yishan 05-07-2013


“This is not a love song!” Fu Han exclaims in her best John Lydon voice, as she explains the idea behind ‘Bling Bling Bling’, last years’ single, which has become a fan favorite since the music video for it hit. The reference stuck with me, not for the mere fact that like PiL, Queen Sea Big Shark avoids many of the pratfalls of commercially successful ‘pop’ artists in China, namely, not taking the easy route, and writing love song after love song, but instead because, not unlike PiL then, this is the most commercial sounding QSBS has ever been.

They’re having their cake and eating it too. And fuck, I couldn’t be happier. Well, except for the fact that Yugong Yishan became a literal boiling pot – I swear I must of lost a few kilos standing amongst the packed beyond belief crowd. Even the sound guys had to shed their layers to make it though the evening. Power to Queen Sea Big Shark – check out some more pics and videos below.


So after taking a good thirty minutes of getting to the pit, pissing off just about everyone, slipping more than once on floor sweat, I was able to take in the spectacle. Cause really, between Fu Han’s neon soaked eye popping attire, disco balls, giant moon galactic stage design, and oh my god!, bubbles, I fucking love bubbles, the fun never stopped for the eyes.

That wouldn’t mean anything if QSBS didn’t deliver musically. Well it looks like the long tour has done them well, as the group was firing on all cylinders tonight. I’m ragged on Fu Han’s singing before, but she didn’t disappoint in the least tonight – and as I mention earlier, they sound poppier than ever, but when you’re doing it this well, power to you.


“Mammoth” – their latest single is a juggernaut of a song, made ever more so tonight by the inclusion of guest drummers, Li Fan (of Bedstars) and Wang Yu (of The Gar) who along with Xiao Wu, destroyed it for nine minutes straight.

Now this is rock n’ roll. Queen Sea Big Shark looks to be riding the wave of success with bombast and precision, and if anyone thought they sold out or have overstayed their welcome, take another look – as it’s looking to be quite the year for the band.


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