On The Scene: Yugong Yishan 03-04-2013


Now this how you throw a show – granted having parents who were so willing to spend four hours plus in Yugong Yishan is a blessing, and better yet, have a good time, but Sound of the Xity pulled off a incredible lineup that I can only describe as funnnn. Dance infecting, head banging, smile-inducing, good ol’ fashion fun. Between Shanren’s hybrid of traditional and modern, to WHAI’s badass trance-rock, to Junglemico Project’s jaw-dropping skills, to Longshendao’s genuine appreciation for reggae, there wasn’t a missed moment tonight.

Heck, even DJ Oshi had my seventy-plus year old pops dancing in ways I couldn’t even fathom – guessing dubstep is a new one for him. Good times, good times. Check below for more awesome videos from the night.


First up were Shanren, who can’t do wrong. Not a bad bone in these guys – they have taken the best of traditional Chinese music and infused it with rock and roll, reggae, disco, and heck, why not some metal for old times sake. Sounds like a recipe for disaster – or does it?

That’s what I thought – friggin pogo jumping tastic. My father tried to convince throughout their set that Native Americans must have descended from China or vice versa at some point – definitely didn’t want to get involved in that debate.

All I know is that Shanren are a class act. A band who know how to wield any genre to their advantage


WHAI were next – and it looks like the screen is here to stay – a bitch for photographers and cameramen, but pretty rad for audiences. Yeah, yeah, Papa Griff was not impressed – the screen bugged him and once something bugs him there’s no changing his mind – something about it taking away from the personality of the band. Whoever put together the visual effects on this bad boy much cred. This is how you complement a sound.

Luckily, I found refuge tucked away in a corner side stage – and if you’ve read Foukographer’s rant over here – you begin to realize the clusterfuck that it was up there.Yeah, photographers were out of line, with people running back and forth, jumping between the screen and the band – way too much commotion up there.

Heck, you could argue that I was out of line (I did my best to stay invisible and use my lanky arms as to keep my distance). I’m no professional, but heck, gotta learn somehow. Bottom line though, WHAI rock the shit of that set.

And with Zhang Wei leaving Buyi to focus entirely on WHAI, it’s only gonna get better and better for the foursome. One of the best acts in town at this point. Hands down.


The biggest surprise of the night was The Junglemico Project, the live electronica band who seriously have to be seen believe – this is lounge music taken to the next level, electronica music made intimate, accessible, in your face, and well, a treat to watch.

Not even sure how many times Papa Griff had to gush about the drummer, Mico, who yes, is on a whole other level of greatness – those arms have a mind of their own.

Now there’s a personality. Energetic, engaging, and captivating, The Junglemico Project is a must see – a refreshing new take on music we take for granted too often.


However, there couldn’t have been a better close to the night than having Longshendao play some of the most friggin authentic sounding reggae music this side of town. Just try not smiling to this, I dare you.

It’s interesting that even in Chinese, they hit all the reggae beats and then some. And like the best reggae bands they broaden the sound with a slew of elements you’d only find in China whilst keeping its roots firmly intact.

Pretty much I’m grabbing anyone and everyone at this point for a dance. Feel the love. Papa Griff definitely approves.


Dude was riding cloud nine by the end of it. Seriously, who passed him the spliff? Props to Sound of the Xity for bringing the good times to the rentals.

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