On The Scene: XP 26-07-2013


I’m sorry but who the hell ever rooted for Godzilla? For me, it was all about the monsters and just how much damage they could dish out before the grumpy ol’ green ‘man in suit’ would cancel the fun. Total buzzkill that dude was. So when US surf rock out Daikaiju made the journey last weekend to the Big Red, there was no stopping them. And from the sounds of it, it seems they blazed a fire across town taking no prisoners. And it was absolutely glorious.

Haven’t had this much fun in some time now. Heck, I given had to give them a second night over at Temple – now how often do you do that? Check below for more the mayhem incurred on XP’s audience as well as sets from The Dyne and Shanghai’s Round Eye. Do it.


It seems like just last week we were graced by one of Shanghai’s most active bands, Round Eye, who have been on tour non-stop since summers’ beginning. And it sounds as though their travels have done the party rockers well, honing their sound into intoxicating levels of crazed fun.

It’s a smorgasbord of chords, sax, screaming, doo-wop, David Byrne sing talk and thrown all together it’s too hard to turn down.

Unapologetic fun. Makes you feel a bit young now doesn’t it.


The Dyne has been at the top of my to-see list since I last caught them in Shanghai – and rightfully so, as my first impression of them hasn’t changed – they’re a shot of hot whiskey to the eyeball. And they’ve got style.

Every song is wrapped in an inescapable mood of badassdom. It’s swamped in it. Plain sexy badassdom. Yeah, I still wonder if it’s necessary to go sans a bassist, but really, perhaps they just realize I wouldn’t be able to handle that much sexiness in one sitting. Just look at those moves.

Palms are getting sweaty just typing this. The Dyne have got the goods.


And then Daikaiju took a giant steaming shit on XP. Well no, not really – but pretty sure they might have had that written down somewhere on their set list. Gots to be.

Ghidorah ain’t got shit on these three, who made the venue their playground for the next hour – table jumping, crowd surfing, butt grinding, guitar throws, heck, they even pulled a Isley Brothers, getting the whole audience to crouch down on the floor.

They didn’t even ask – and really, there is no time for questions in a gig like this. Shit is going to happen and you best be prepared.


You see a guitar flying at you – you best not catch it with your face. You see the lead place a drum set on a poor clueless girl – you best join in and find something else to bury that girl in. Obey you will.

So kudos to Daikaiju for blowing a little smoke under Beijing’s ass last weekend. You will not be forgotten.


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