On The Scene: XP 15-12-2012


My roommate’s going away wish – to see white+ one last time as they started their China tour at XP and as he moved onto greener pastures. Where do I sign up? Hell, I can’t argue with the lad, as Zhang Shouwang and Wang Xu have truly created something singular and gush worthy – part art freak jam, part LSD electronic fever dream, all eartastically imaginative – white + is electronic music taken one step further. So yeah, my jam.

This beast has a pulse. Larger than life beats, drums rhythms that demand respect, and synthesizers which worm their way into your head. It’s all gravy.


Again though, special props to the element that Wang Xu’s drums bring to their sound – without it, who knows what we’d be left with. It’s the melodic interplay between the two that creates such a fragile yet booming flow. What could easily turn into two mediums, drum and electronics, going at each other like raving dogs and into utter chaos, instead turns into a gorgeous symphony as the two begin to play off one another.

Add in Shouwang’s distorted chanting sprinkled throughout and bam you got technicolor patterns jumping all about your membrane like it’s no ones business. And as if one drum set wasn’t enough for me, they went out and had to bring another drummer on stage. Because why the fuck not.

Game over man, game over. Hook, line, sinker. White + is on some high level shit I want right now and I hope this is only the beginning of the wacky rainbow colored adventures for these two.

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