On The Scene: XP 15-07-2012


Last last Sunday Split Works kicked off to what looks to be a fruitful summer and fall season of great acts courtesy of them as they brought in Welsh math rockers Gallops to a packed like never before XP. Seriously, that joint is gonna have to work on its air-ventilation if they plan on packing the house like thy did Sunday evening. It’s was toasty, and brimming with energy, mostly of the young student kind, but for a Sunday, god damn!


Chui Wan took on opening duties tonight, and with the combination of heat, people shoulder to shoulder in the crowd, being worn out from a five night binge, and Chui Wan’s staple psychedelic grooves, let’s just say it was a bit overwhelming for me. I spent most of their act cowering in and out of the joint, in order to regain my composure outside. Nevertheless, I still firmly believe that Chui Wan, while not for everyone, are strangely fascinating.

At times they are able to capture so well this tranquil vibe that you just wanna snuggle with. I swear my could see myself on my couch drifting in and out of consciousness flying high. It’s a great feeling, though sometimes they like to twist the screws a bit too much for me as they escalate the mood (“you’re freaking out man”) and your ears struggle to put everything together in any sensible matter

but hey it’s Chui Wan we’re talking about here – they’re not about taking the easy way out.


When I a kid, I haplessly geeked out over Final Fantasy VII – yes, the RPG game, with giant swords, Chocobos, and story so epic it took months to complete. One of the reasons why it felt so big was the music which was ace. Now listen to Gallops and tell me what you hear

Hell yes, I’m back in RPG mode baby! This is the soundtrack to the most awesome video game that I’ve yet to play. Instead of taking itself too seriously like too many post-rock bands, these guys have some fun with the genre and have created something quirky, offbeat, and with a drive that’s still has that epic badass feel that so many side-strolling 2D games captured.

It’s a shame I didn’t stay longer cause this is exactly the kind of post-rock music I could get into. Kudos Split Works and XP.

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