On The Scene: XP 14-08-2013

\"dcd3a\"After catching some ‘Old Man Industrial” at the Other Place (don’t ask?) I decided to swing by XP for some more electronic shenanigans, though of a much different ilk, from white + and Deadly Cradle Death, two bands who simply are raising the bar. While I’ve known this about white + for some time, it was Deadly Cradle Death, a band, who last year I had a mild fascination with, who blew my mind. I guess somewhere down the line decided to become a ‘real’ band – cue face melt.

These two have elevated their game to a whole new level. This is filthy beautiful twisted industrial death rap like nothing I’ve heard in the Big Red. Welcome boys, welcome. Check below for more pics and vids, as well a short write-up on Skip Skip Ben Ben’s set which I didn’t have too much time to stick around for because, well, just because!


What can I say about white + that I haven’t – they’re ace. Flat out. They’re making some of the most intriguing music around – stuff that dares you to follow certain echoes, sounds, beats down the rabbit hole until it’s too late to turn back.

I’m almost convinced that Wang Yu is one of the best drummers I’ve seen live period – really haven’t seen sticks move like that in some time.

white + are pushing their sound further and further and that my friends, is something to get excited about. And would you know it, people are finally started to shake their hips with this music. Baby steps people, baby steps.


Deadly Cradle Death is that frigging earworm, the ceti eel, in Star Trek 2 – their music literally burrows into your skull and sets up shop. They’re a sucker punch of a band. It’s brutal, jarring, at times uncomfortable, and any others a beautiful spectacle, and tonight they were firing on all cylinders.

It’s heavy stuff. Minimal in its approach but crammed with so much sonic sound that it hits you like a wave leaving you swimming against the current. It wants to unsettle you, unbalance you, and man I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t having a ball being unnerved by these two. Smoke the shit in my brain indeed.


And while I didn’t stick around for Skip Skip Ben Ben long enough to film, I did manage to garner one last look at them covering ‘These Boots Were Made For Walking’ and god damn did they kill it. Straight up massacred it – beautiful. These guys really are alligator wrestling every song of theirs to the ground – contorting them in ways that almost make them unrecognizable – and as much as it may have thrown me off at first – it’s kinda brilliant. Can’t wait to see how what direction they’ll take it next.


Kids these days. And thanks to Fang Zhou for the pics of SSBB – she’s a bitchin\’ photographer – check out her work here – it\’s dope as all hell.

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