On The Scene: XP 08-09-2-13


Sunday night – a glass of red wine, a pipa, and a skateboard. Not the usual features for a night on the town and certainly not one involving music, but hey, suppose everyone’s gotta have their fetish. The Jingwier crew rolled through XP last weekend last minute, bringing out of the shed electronic, pipa-wielding thruoutin and new kids on the block, hell-raising skateboard trashing blues-trash duo Guiguisuisui.

Indeed, not your mom’s cup of tea. Check out more below from the two.


thruoutin, was on hand with some new material – and just try not to be charmed by the loose, smooth, chillax electronica.

It’s surprisingly that even amidst all the club beats, trip-hop twerks, ambient noises and related mischief how intimate thruoutin’s sound remains. It’s got soul.

Probably the closest to bedroom electronica one can get here in Beijing.


And then for something are on the opposite of the totem pole, Guiguisuisui kicked in some shackles, with a foot stomping, white-knuckled piece of trailer park garage blues..

Guitar wankery galore – but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t engrossing – and that skateboard – that little bugger gots personality. Son of a bitch is bending that demon spawn for chirst sake. Now I’m just picturing “The Devil Went Down The Georgia” filtered through a skateboard.


Check out the kids at a barbershop (no seriously, the barber shop right outside of Beixinqiao Exit C) this Friday, and look for Jingweir to making throwing down hard come mid October. Looking forward to that one.

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