On The Scene: XP 02-04-2013


And to think I haven’t set foot in XP since last December – shame, shame. Surprsing enough the band that got me crawling back to the dungy hotspot was Birdstriking, who too have been on hiatus for the past half year due to drummer Xinjiu Wang being a student – you know education and all that nonsense. Well, the Maybe Mars noise rockers were united once again early this month – so yeah no way I’m not checking that out.

No filters, no constraints. Raw rock n roll. Yup – the love’s still there. Click below to see XP do what they do best as well as, Chui Wan, fresh off of an European tour.


I’ve always kept Chui Wan at an arms distance. Granted, with psychedelic rock, you have to be in the right mind state, but with Chui Wan this notion was more acute. While their certainly music attracted and intrigued, it never fully engaged me. And frankly, everyone ate up their debut album way too easily. However, tonight, it finally clicked together.

The elements which have always attracted me to their music – Middle Eastern sounds, echoed vocals, sexy basslines, and plenty of mood – it’s still there, but lucid as ever. Seamless.

Perhaps it was the small stage, or perhaps it was the looseness in which the band performed, but they rocked the shit out of the place. This was engaging – and it felt like the band was actively getting audiences on their wavelength.

Looks like Europe did Chui Wan well, these lads were rejuvenated – lets hope they keep the glow about them.


Contrary to Chui Wan’s situation, Birdstriking haven’t played together since last September – so of course, there were some cobwebs to brush off. Nevertheless, a few songs in, the trio had no problem kicking things into high gear.

Simply put, Birdstriking are electrifying– there’s a commitment to the energy they bring to their sets. A do or die mentality which forces them to give it one hundred percent every time. As I’ve mentioned before, they sometimes push it too far, but hell, that’s sure as hell beats holding back.

Really one of the few times where I’ve wished audiences here caused more of a ruckus on the dancefloor. Sucks it was only a one week stand for the Birdstriking crew – the sooner these boys get back together the better.

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