On The Scene: XP 01-07-2012


An afternoon rock session – yeah, XP’s new staple sounded fishy to me as well the first time I heard about it. But after a first tasting last weekend I’m dying for more – there’s just something about finding refuge from the wicked sun inside a cool, almost desolate bar, with true music lovers and bands who use the time to hone their sound as well as giving a fine show. This was case, as I stopped by to check out one of my new favorites bands in town, Perpetual Motion Machine, before heading back to reality.


Seriously can’t get enough of these guys.

They give a foot stomping good time with such relentless energy to their music that one has to catch their breath at times. They have managed to zero in on the primal, emotional aspect of their music and tightened those screws – just listen to those riffs on “Bolibei “.

So damn catchy – that’s how you control tension there. And when they get to that chorus don’t be surprised if you find yourself singing along. I’m even starting to appreciate their slower moving songs like “BeiHai”, that still manage to pack quite the punch and have that great sense of rhythm evident throughout the rest of their music.

At the end of the day, Perpetual Motion Machine are one the most consistently excellent bands that I’ve seen in sometime – it’s really only a question of when will I see these three again. Rock on my friends, rock on.

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