On The Scene: Wukan Hair 20-09-2013


Pulled a double stint tonight – I mean when you have venues so close to each other, it’s eventually gonna happen. And unnecessary ambition won out tonight as I jumped back and forth between Yugong Yishan and Beixinqiao like the climax of some appalling (entertaining nevertheless) 80s comedy. I mean there was no way I could say no to a gig at a hair salon.

How times will I get to get my drone on where trendy haircuts are given out on the regular. Off the beaten path indeed we are – check out more from Cloud Choir, Arm Trick, and Guiguisuisui at Wukan Hair. Bring your scissors.


Things get off to an early start with a galactically chilled set from Arm Trick, aka Michael Wrinkler. Getting some serious Close Encounters vibes here.

As inviting as these soundscapes are, cause it does suck you in with wonder, no doubt, there’s a hint of danger – a looming dread of what’s to come. Gotta say I liked what I heard.


As if the Dartford Death Kult mask wasn’t enough, freak blues act Guiguisuisui decided to tap into his royal past (up for debut) and don a cape and crown.

Yeah, locals catching that last subway definitely got their two renminbi’s worth. Really though, beneath the kid with the skateboard tweaking out, there’s a true bluesmen there telling it straight.

Now there’s a song I can preach too. A man a guitar and a song. Sharp as a knife.


After a quick back and forth from Yugong Yishan to set up cameras, I wondered into the hazy drone-laced acid set from the Cloud Choir. I’ve been basically plugging their stuff for months now – I’m shocked that it took me this long to catch them in the flesh. And even more shocked at how much I liked it.

Heavy on beats, including some washed out vocals from Richard, this was no ordinary Cloud Choir set. But then again, I\’m guessing that\’s what\’s said every time out with these two. They created a thick soundscape that’s easy to get lost in – a lot murkier than their recorded stuff, and I dug it. Quite a bit.


A good close to the night, which continued long after with some killer DJ sets from Dong Song Dong, Damage, and EDIE. Jim Bean was on hand too – that glorious son of a bitch. Did I mention it was in a hair salon?

Kudos to thruoutin for weibo pics 

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