On The Scene: The Other Place 01-06-2013


Alright, gonna be out of order a bit this week, as I\’m gathering other video feeds for the M.O.T.O that went down a Fridays back. Patience, dear ones. The show must go on. The first of June marked not only the 3rd Anniversary of pangbianr, but also the label lanuch of Sinotronics, the new Beijing-based label headed by Josh Feola and Markus Schneider, which will go forth publishing contemporary music from and in China with a strong emphasis on electronic sounds. Pretty gnarly if you ask me. So I decided to stop by the second day of the party, at the new bar/venue The Other Place (yes telling my friends where I was got annoying almost immediately). Remarkably I opted to go sans the video recorder, mainly due to the fact that there were some big shots at the party with heavy duty equipment shooting a doc, and I have a inferiority complex – so there. Anywho check out some shitty pics below if you\’re into that kinda think. Oh, and The Other Place will host a Summer Soundwave Showcase tomorrow night, Friday, June 14th read up on that here. Pics and words below.


First off, The Other Place deserves credit first and foremost. Class act, that place. Sexy, cozy, spacious, cute, and my highest praise – it\’s really cheap. Seriously, 20 green ones for a Hoegaarden – that\’s righteous. They really do believe they understand me. Expect big things out of there. Or I hope.


Props to all the peeps who made the crazy interactive gadgets scattered about the place – neato stuff – especially loved the water bowl music makers – which used the touch of water to create loops and sounds. Couldn\’t played with that thingamabob all day.


thruoutin & Chai Mai gave the first performance –  A screening of a animated short entitled The Sparrow and the Raven which was accompanied by the set by thruotuin. Really cool stuff – love the paper animation – a technique that doesn\’t nearly get enough love these days.


Here\’s a little tease of it. And thruoutin really killed it musically, blending the images and sounds seamlessly. But man, that\’s some trippy shit I tell you. That Sparrow goes to hell and back. Can\’t trust that Raven. And the egg – don\’t get me started on the egg. 


I stuck around for a bit of Vavabond\’s set – glitchy minimalist electronic stuff. Not that my forte but hey, that\’s me. Pretty easy on the ears – perhaps even a bit much considering the conversational atmosphere that the joint had shuffled into – not necessary a bad thing.

And after a quick dinner break – damn those meals getting in my way like that – ran back and caufght the tail end of Thin Gaze\’s performance – former Vancouver residential, who played some low-fi R&B-infused David Lychian stuff – really cool. Bit bummed about missing the majority of that one. Though word is he made be setting up shop in our beloved town.


Overall, successful evening – solid sounds, solid performances, good beer, good vibes, and best of all good people. Congrats to Josh and Markus – and best of luck to them in their future endeavors. Oh, and once again, twenty reminbi Hoegaarden – tonight.

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