On The Scene: Temple 31-08-2013


I remembered the first time I caught the Devils at the Crossroad back in the beginning of 2012 at Temple. What immediately drew my attention was the death-stare of Joris, the former frontman of the rock n roll trio. Death-stare might not be the best way to describe it – it was closer in tone to this. Yes, Joris was looking deep into our souls asking us to revel in the devilry that is rock and roll. And obey we did.

So here’s my toast to the bushy, gruff voiced, wide-eyed, top hat wearing Joris who gave the stoner rock, punk wieliding, blues-raised, \’ain’t nuthin but rock and roll\’ the crunch to propel them into Beijing rockdom these past two years. Bon voyage buddy, bon voyage. Check some of shoddily shot videos (pretty much the case always when I try to film these lads – they’ve cursed me!) below, including some new tunes from the Devils.


New material you say? Why yes. As a part of the Devils contract with the devil, um, I mean Scream Records – they needed to put out two records. The first record, Moonshine XXX, was released this past May. So when Joris made plans to head home to the land of wine and cheese, the trio had to buckle down and get another release out as soon as possible. And I gotta admit, their new tunes, are pretty flippin awesome – funny how that works sometimes.

Yes, that’s me yelling \’the Devils come first\’ – gotta you’re your priorities people. Heavy, raucousness, and a tint darker than usual, and plenty of bite, their new material really shines a light on their instruments, and that’s not a bad thing. Well perhaps not ‘Chloe’s Song’ – a sing-a-long to all the wonderful drunks of Beijing, easily the highlight of the night, and a song that perfectly defines Temple’s, ahem, clientele. New theme song?


Yes, the Devils may be one leg short now, but as far as farewells go – they pulled off a monster of one. Just ask their number one fan – the one and only Kat.


Kat? Kat? Yup, looks like the Devils’ work. Joris – you’ll be missed, you sly son of a bitch. Check out more pics from Live Music Night as well as a video for \’Trouble\’ 

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