On The Scene: Temple 31-05-2013


It’s gonna be a Shanghai lovefest this week – deal with it. Round Eye and Gou Shen swung though Beijing at the end of last month along with prehistoric party punkers M.O.T.O, who despite the white hair, punched up the fun – and dare I say they made me feel youthful. But really, I was here for Round Eye whose schizoid party rock was just what the good doctor ordered at Temple.

Imagine having these guys play at your Bat Mitzvah – fucking ace. Check below for more from Round Eye, Guo Shen, and M.O.T.O.


Things kicked off with Gou Shen, the hard hitting female-led rockers who know a thing or two are about throwing down the gauntlet.

Heavy without losing the fun, there’s definitely something vintage about Guo Shen that I tapped into right away. Rich vocals, drums and guitars with actual weight.

I’m down. And a female bassist – come on. How did they know my weakness.


Not sure Temple was prepared for Round Eye – but how could anyone know. Straight up nonstop forty minute party with these cats – not even sure if I managed to catch my breath.

Relentless, all over the place, abrasive, even a bit sloppy – but shit, those adjectives mean jack shit when it’s all so much madhouse doo-wop fun. Or you have two saxophones. Cause that’s just ridiculous.

There’s a speed bomb of a band, no come down at all, just escalating madness. Did I mention two saxophones? Your argument is null.


To close the night – long standing party punk kids, at least in spirit, M.O.T.O (Masters of the Obvious) cranked up the good times, fuck all, jump like an animal meter.

I love the simplicity, the straight-faced lyrics, the melody callbacks. And while signer Camporino ‘chokes on his insides’ or gets ready for a scuffle ‘by the flagpole’ it’s all sung in such an upbeat, energetic, and bubbly way that immediately puts a smile on your face.

The fact that they’ve been around for thirty years plus makes it the all more endearing. There’s heart to these punks. Onwards M.O.T.O!

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