On The Scene: Temple 23-05-2012


Kang Mao is held pretty highly in the music scene here in Beijing – Subs is quite frankly one of those rock-em-sock-em groups that leaves you gasping for air after you see them. So when I heard that the band had a side folk project Bye Bye, Thanks for the Fish, well, the possibilities of what they could sound like were endless – I just had to see for myself. So last Wednesday I decided to make a pit stop at Temple and see the Subs gang in a different light.

I guess beneath all the screaming Kang Mao really does have quite the lovely voice. It’s enchanting, and gives their sound a nice fairy-tale whimsical touch, which really isn’t heard much in the folk bands around town. And yes, the masks are creepy beyond belief.

Sadly, I found out the day after, it was their last concert as well – so enjoy these cause they’re perhaps the last remnants of what could of truly be a great off-kilter folk band (but on the plus side…more SUBS!).

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