On The Scene: Temple 22-05-2013

So, after several months of dodging Will\’s attempts at making me write for the site, I finally found a band worthy of my words and effort, which by pure coincidence, is a band with whom I share both nationality and hometown.


Despite of the band\’s misleading name, Bottled In England, it\’s all Danish and has little to do with beverages of any sort – except maybe Red Bull who are sponsoring their China tour but in any case is only available in can form and produced in Austria. Anyways…here\’s a taste of what they brought forth Wednesday night at Temple a couple weeks back.

Wild, right? Click below for more from dynamic duo.


They play what they themselves call “live drum and bass”. The “live” bit comes in part from the fact that all drums are played live by a machine of a man, fitting for any third-reich arian-breeding-facility, and not by a backing track. The wobble bass and lots of other synth parts are also played with real human hands/fingers on a keyboard instead of being a computer automation – said fingers being attached to the hands of a little bundle of pure energy incapable of any other movement than spassing-the-fuck-out-like-a-crackhead-squirrel.


It didn\’t take long before the only half full Temple Bar was half dancing. The audience seemed to be divided into two groups; those who danced and those who looked on in awe or shock while contemplating on how to drink their beers with both hands heavily pressed against their ears. A couple of my Chinese friends, who were amongst the ear covering group of people, just decided to ditch their beers and head over to jazz improve night at Jianghu. Some of my other friends confessed their courtly love of the show and the band to me after dancing through the whole thing nonstop.

There\’s definitely room for “live drum and bass” in China, but perhaps next time the venue(s) should be chosen more carefully as Temple Bar isn\’t exactly fitted equipment-wise nor crowd-wise to handle the club sound that Bottled In England sport.

– Jelly

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