On The Scene: Temple 22-03-2013


Penis. Sorry just had to get it out there. That’s the image I took away Friday night three weeks back when hardcore punk to its core trope Fanzui Xiangfa rolled though Temple finishing their nation-wide tour. The ragtag group of expat and local hooligans Nevin Dommer, Genjing Records man up top, his broham Adam (whose birthday suit makes the appearance), Demerit ex bassit Liu Liu, and Swede Jonas on drums, were a lock and loaded kinda group – fast and furious, short and sweet, barreling through songs with gleeful reckless abandon. And penis.

How many of you pervy bastards are squinting their eyes right now. You know who you are. Click below to see more of Fanzui Xiangfa blasts of anti-establishment testosterone as well as veterans Gum Bleed, doing what they do best. Oh and penis.


I love how committed Gum Bleed are to the cause of punk here in Beijing – there’s really nothing cute about them. Just genuine, ‘fuck all’ punk.

They definitely tried to keep things more quick tonight, which I must admit, forced lead Dee to stretch his vocal range a bit more than usual, but luckily this is punk. Screw a clean sound.

Give it me rough and uncut. It’s about feeling, and Gum Bleed have that in spades


Fanzui Xiangfa though were a force of nature – even before they began playing, you could sense that shit was about to go down. A fellow camera man was kind enough to even tap me on the shoulder to warn me, offering me a spot on the table. Glad I joined him, cause it all hit the fan moments later.

This is a rush people. These guys sing for the present, for the moment, one note at a time. And as quickly as those notes, lines, or chords are forgotten, dispersing into the crowd, for those sixty seconds, it’s friggin electrifying.

I’m said it before – hardcore punk is the cocaine of music, it’s all buildup. Heart-racing, palm sweating, aggressive, acute buildup. And if you’re good enough to string a buildup after another, well, eventually you’re gonna get penis.

And that my friends ain’t something to whine about.

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