On The Scene: Temple 18-01-2013


For anyone who thought Buyi was getting a bit too heavy this past year, tonight was your night. With everyone’s favorite Ningxia singer, Lao Wu, taking to the stage with ACID Live, Beijing’s premier acid funk jazz troupe, one really didn’t know what to expect over at Temple. So while, I was imagining neon-colored freak jazz with Lao Wu screaming away, instead I got something with a lot more warmth. Tonight was essentially Buyi-lite – and by the looks of it, a freaking ball.

The place was littered with big smiles and good vibes. Heck, it’s easy to see why – it’s as if Lao Wu is channeling all that good will right back at us using Acid Live as a filtering device. Did I mention how insanely talented those guys are – just check out these ten minutes of goodness gracious – a cool as ice romp through one of Buyi’s more famous songs. Solos galore.

Gotta love the keyboardist. Turns that thing into a lovemaker. And Lao Wu’s voice has never sounded younger.


That’s not saying much in the grand scheme of things – it’s still of hoarse of a beat-up ol’ truck – but I sense a fleeting youthfulness emulating from that voice. These Acid Live guys gotta try their magic on some more of the singers around town.

Good times, people, good times.

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