On The Scene: Temple 16-05-2013


I really can’t remark on how talented Mr. Log the third is – the one man show where helmeted possibly crazed American, plays the slide guitar, plays drums with his feet, and wails though a phone strapped to what looks like a jet helmet. And really, there’s no point – cause when you sending Temple into a frenzy like this you’ve succeeded my friend. Talented? Beats me. Entertaining? A rousing ‘fuck yeah’.

Now that’s entertainment! Check below to see more footage from Bob Log lll, blues trash duo Low Bow, and genre-jumping rockers The Intrepid Adventurers.


I arrived pretty late to a already, mind you, Thursday night packed house at Temple and caught the tail end of The Intrepid Adventures – the ragtag trio of expats who have been kicking around for some time round these parts.

While there’s nothing electrifying about these three, it’s fun, genuine, and appreciative, especially when considering the leads’ voice which fits the material like a glove. It’s all a bit on the safe side, but they definitely warrant a second visit.


Low Bow popped on next to give a staggering thirteen minute set. Yeah, they kinda got screwed over with that one, but they endured, and the time constraint gave even more of an urgency to their brand of ‘train-off-the-rails’ trash blues.

Is it me or has Low Bow gotten more and more accessible? Punchy and seaming with fuzz and noise without becoming too bloated, their music has become more refined as of recent.

They might have lost a bit of their edge along with it, but Low Bow remain one of the more lively bands in town, not afraid to stir up a ruckus but never overstaying their welcome.


But as you might tell, people were here for Bob Log lll. I’m not sure what demographic this falls under, but dude has fans. And it’s easy to see why – he knows how to throw a show.

Pretty much a straight up hillbilly party at this point. Direct, in your face, there’s no way to steer clear of BLlll’s swagger – he’s the embodiment of everything American – obnoxious, cocky, over the top, a bit too much and, well, kinda awesome.

Cause why not have two gals sit on you whilst you play? USA! USA! USA!

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