On The Scene: Temple 15-11-2013


If you can\’t get them the first time, just give it another go around – seems Danish live drum n bass duo Bottled in England took this notion to heart – it was only five or so months ago that the charismatic twosome brought their frenzied act to Temple with lackluster results – a poorly filled Temps will do that to ya. But looks like the two , whose been rapidly rising to fame back home, were not deterred in the slightest as they teared the joint a new asshole last last weekend.

This is how you do drum n bass my friends. Not with a whimper, but with a bang. Not with a computer, but with living breathing human machines. Check out more below for the duo as well as visiting live hip hop discjockey Sekuoia. Bomb.

Things kicked off smoothly with a set from Sekuoia, also from Denmark. This is hip hop at its most lush – sensual beats, with enough twists, turns, and offbeat choices which elevated the material far above the rest. The perfect warm-up to what was in store for audiences.


I\’ve stated before how easy it is for me to detach from electronica music at shows due to that missing human element. Bottled in England takes drum n bass in the opposite direction by instilling raw human energy at the center of it all.

Gotta love the intensity these two bring – it\’s infectious. Every beat, bass drop, cymbal is accounted for and it\’s mesmerizing to watch. It\’s as if someone gave instruments to a bunch of speed heads and let them wilded out.

Not letting up one bit throughout their set, Bottled in England may not be the first group to turn the dynamics of drum n bass on its head but I\’ll be damned if anyone does it with as much oomph as these Danes.

Oh, that last video – that\’s a \’Mondin One Take\’ – got a new player on the LBM rooster who\’s gonna sex up this place a bit. Enjoy

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