On The Scene: Temple 13-10-2012


I was in no condition to go out tonight – I would have been just dandy lying on my couch watching Bruce Willis beat up terrorists. Thankfully I have friends who don’t let me off the hook so easily cause if I didn’t I would have missed Suffocated and The K giving perhaps the best performances I’ve seen at Temple all year.


Never truly menacing, but seriously fun, Suffocated is thrash metal at its finest in my book.

Between Liu Zheng’s growl and the wired guitar playing by the rest of the band, these guys take an old school approach to metal that hit the sweet spot for me. The packed crowd, largely a local crowd sporting longboards and iphones, were eating it up. I can only imagine what Suffocated could pull off in a bigger venue.


But really it was The K who wound up plastering a shit-eating grin across my face for the rest of the evening.

How can you not love this? Preaching the gospel of ska, they may have found a new convert in me. It’s straight up infectious – by the end of their set, the whole joint was hopping around, getting their skank on.

Sincere is an understatement here. Do yourself a favor, and check out The K next time they’re on a bill, you won’t be disappointed.

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