On The Scene: Temple 10-11-2012


If you’re gonna stop by Beijing – this is how you throw down – not with lovely ballads, or rocking solos – but with all-out mayhem. Leave it to the Italians to bring out the ‘best’ in us – and by best I mean let’s tear toss beers across the floor, fling our bodies like rag dolls, and essentially start a riot within the walls of Temple. I didn’t even plan on coming to here tonight – it was my quiet night you know – my plan was to check out Low Wormwood at Jianghu Bar and then get a good nights rest before my sacrificial once a month 12 hour work day. But no – Jianghu Bar was packed like line 1 when I arrived, and defeated, I was left wondering around Gulou sulking like a madmen. I finally gave up, persuading myself to purchase a cd as a means to an end – and lord behold – I ran into some manager of some Italian hardcore punk group called The Oops, who, well you know the rest. Lets just say my night got a lot more interesting.\"drliu2\"
Dr. Liu & the Human Centipede – yeah I get it, a reference to that cheap horror flick (that I’m bicurious to see) that shocked, as intended, the film world – very cute. Boy, did I swallow my words, cause as soon as these guys set loose was I laughing with delight. This is the kind of ruthless no holds barrel attitude that a lot of bands are lacking nowadays, for better or worse.

It’s a mess in some ways, but what a glorious mess it is – seriously, I could watch these four cut loose all day. Why? Passion, plain and simple. Drunken, brain-dead, shameless, vicious, unchecked passion.

Bought a tear to my eye. Well that was mainly due to the lack of alcohol in my system. I’m looking forward to the day where I can toss a beer bottle (out of respect) at them.


And then shit got rowdy.

Thee Oops are pretty much those guys you invite to a party knowing fair well that once they show up, it’s only a matter of time before a fight breaks out, glasses are shattering, and police are showing up. But hey, good times, right?

Fast and furious, short and sweet, every song is a whirlwind of aggressive, outward energy that lasts so short you’ll already waiting in anticipation for the next bump. Yup, they’re the little white devils of music theese Oops and it looks like they got their fill of China.

By the time I checked out, girls were already running across tables in fear of being slaughtered by the unruly animals having the time of their lives center stage. Curse you ‘sacrificial Sundays’ for keeping that leash on me. Check below for some more mayhem courtesy of Dr. Liu and Thee Oops.

Dr. Liu & The Human Centipede

Thee Oops

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