On The Scene: Temple 09-03-2013


What can I say – Temple and glam rock go together like apples and pies. They’re both a little dirty, a little too on the nose, not much sophisticated, but so genuine in their love for all things rock – the clothes, the solos, the accessories, the guitar work, the entire aura of that whole time and place. And that’s exactly what I got when I posted up at Temple last Saturday night to throw some back beers and take in the that good ol’ rock n’ roll courtesy of Los Crasher.

Good natured, unpretentious fun. It’s no wonder I barely made it home in one piece. Check below for more V-neck, tie-on-shirtless-chest goodness.


Nothing but love up on that stage. Yeah, it’s not the most earth-shattering music – could use a little more juice, a little more edge – something to make it a little more dangerous. However, that would lead away form the fact that this music goes down so easily. And sometimes that’s all one is looking for on a Saturday night.

It’s comfort music – directly relatable to so many things of yesteryear – so much that you almost feel like you’ve heard these before; have sang along with these tunes already. Heck, as writing this I’m humming away to “On My Mind”

Los Crasher hit that 80s rock nostalgic vein and for those couple hours in Temple, I was theirs.


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