On The Scene: Temple 07-11-2012


Dropped by Modernista and Temple a few weeks back for a slow Wednesday night – actually scratch that – Modernista was packed beyond belief while Temple was quite empty – one had easy access to beer. You can guess where my alliances leaned toward. And really I had no idea what was going on at Temple, so it was to my surprise when I stumbled upon this little nugget of latino flavored rock.

Now now – I really have no idea who these cats are – according to Temple’s lovely little calendar pamphlet (which are about the coolest thing ever) they are a reggae band called Spinder. I’ll trust them on that one for now. They got the offbeat down pat – keeping that tempo chilllll just the way I like it. That bass player as well looks to be having a ball – hell, the man can barely stay on his own two feet.

You gotta give Temple credit – they know how to mix it up from time to time, and throw you a curve ball in the form of Spanish/latino (ain’t it a shame I can’t tell the difference) reggae which felt right at home in the Gulou mainstay.

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