On The Scene: Tango 28-07-2012

I’m a man of cheap taste – if I have free tickets to a show, it’s almost impossible for me to turn they down. It’s in my blood. So with free tickets to the Tiger Translate Battle of the Bands Finals at Tango, which I found be a complete bore last year, I took the leap of faith once again – manly because I like free shit. Am I in the wrong? Perhaps…but I know someone’s trying to tell me something when the first thing lo and behold I sent my eyes on is this…

Yup, cock slap to the face right there. 4U. I had missed the first two competeting bands and this is what I get. And you know what, everyone ate it up. And I proceeded to go eat dim sum next door. Recover, that kinda thing. Lucky, when I returned Logic Control was taking stage – and took the place by storm (not saying much considering the previous band cause a riot as well). These guys have some genuine showmanship.

Considering how much of a bad taste 4U left in my mouth, this was refreshing – having these burly gentlemen making loud, rip-roaring music.
I loved how they mixed it up as well – bring in a trumpet, having the guitarists’ wife come onstage and play the bowed string intrsument (Erhu?) – all intoxicately blended with attacks on the food and medicine industry, a classic retelling of tales of bridery, and just straight metal.

It’s all done with such gleeful rampart that its easy to get stucked in. I’m seen plenty better for sure, but Logic Control play the crowd and myself like fiddles. It no wonder they took home the prize easily.
But really though, the night was fulfilled as I finally got a chance to see Miserable Faith play to a crowd of delighted fans.

Like a like of what I listened to on the radio in the late ninties, this was mellow, angry, slow punk thats owns a lot to Stain, Soundgarden, and Distrubed. Gao Hu has a voice full of disbain, hurt, and boiling contempt all in low key. Though at first, I felt there’s was a tad to much lack of emotion, by the end of their set, they were completely enaggaed, impressing me.

So Tiger Translate, though you fought hard to make regret my act of cheaplessness you made yourself relevant again, barely. Now, back to neuturing my hangover, and getting the hell out of Bangkok.

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